In battle, Dark Knights use magicks to infuse their blades with the powers of darkness to strike down their enemies and defend their allies. "And dead. This will now likely be the method going forward for all future jobs, though they are not going to change how the HW jobs unlock. The next day, Asahi and his entourage depart Yanxia but before they do, Asahi asks to speak with the Warrior of Light alone. However Zenos is not frightened but laughs excitedly. Cirina, the leader of Mol, suggests that the crag where the stranger met with Nhaama is the House of the Crooked Coin in the northern hills, but it is a place that is sacred to many of the tribes of the Steppe. However, she finds a disturbing answer. Alphinaud then chose to join Shadowhunter on his mission for Ascians instead of joining Maxima and the Populares in fleeing the Empire. They note that the Eorzean Alliance is too far out to send aid but much of the Imperial forces from Doma has been withdrawn over the years too. they start at level 30. edit: as for why, well I guess it was an oversight generally. Maxima also shares news of things from within the Empire. The three primary red masked ascians from the Source are Lahabrea (who is now banished), Elidibus the Emissary, and a mysterious one known as Emet-Selch. The Doman militia and the Liberation Front will strike around the kingdom to create a distraction for the Imperial forces, the Xaela will occupy Doma Castle’s defenses with an aerial attack while the Shinobi, Alphinaud and Alisaie disable the magitek forcefield that bars the waters around the castle from the Ruby Sea so then both the Confederacy and the Kojin can join in the attack. Pages in category "Dark Knight Feet" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 586 total. The biggest milestone, of course, is getting to the city that they set up for HW content, which was blocked by the humongous dragon attacking the gates. None of them make any sense to acquire outside of Ishgard, and DRK making the WoL's MSQ character development after the events of 2.x its core plot all the way into the lvl 70 quest. Dark Knight &FFXIV Heavensward 3.0 Best-in-slot ge... 14 Method Without Using Retainerto Make FFXIV Gil However, he notes, that she does have her good looks still and will probably fetch a pretty price. Krile theorizing that they may be able to track the trail like they did to find Thancred back during the aftermath of the Dragonsong War, but to do that they’ll need to visit the old witch Matoya to gain the use of her Crystal Eye once more. Gosetsu asks her to remember their master’s words that without a people ready to fight back, attacking the Empire directly would simply invite death. He also says that the Emperor need only say one word and the full force of the Empire will crush Ala Mhigo. Skeptical of their ability to do so, the Confederacy accepts the terms and the Warrior of Light sets off to seek the Blue Kojin to gain aid in attacking the Red. She decides to bring the Warrior of Light with her to visit Ga Bu, the young kobold that Alisaie and the Warrior of Light had helped but had become a potential thrall of the primal Titan. It appears they were brought to Ishgard to recover from their injuries. The crowd disperses and the Warrior of Light and Arenvald meet with Fordola in her cell where the echo reveals Fordola past being treated as a traitor by the Ala Mhigans for her family siding with the Empire, and the Empire not giving a damn because she was an Eorzean, all culminating in her father who was shielding Fordola from the rocks being thrown at her being killed by taking a large stone to the head. With that he whispers into Tsuyu’s ear that she WILL be rejoining them very soon and the Imperials depart. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Dark Knight gains a new feature in the Blood Gauge. Each act strengthening the resolve of both the Resistance and the Alliance and bolstering their faith in the success of this war, drawing in new allies who are willing to pledge themselves to the cause. Aymeric arrives to explain that it was their mutual friend, Estinien, who spirited the Warrior away just before Zenos-Elidibus was able to strike the final blow. The Eorzea Database Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests page. She lived in the shadow of her brother was a prodigy that was taken to the Empire to study, her parents adored him and despised her and eventually sold their own daughter off to marry an abusive nobleman. T… Yotsuyu is offered a chance to plead her case to Hien and she relays the story of her past. However, when the Warrior of Light reveals that this Primal summoning was a plot of Zenos – a vision they glimpsed from the Echo in Asahi’s final moments – and Maxima confirming that Zenos is alive leads a good deal of confusion among the group. The DRK story is both mysterious and morbid with some surprises. Lord Hien arrives with the forces of Doma and the Azim Steppe upon massive birds to intercept the magitek flying machines. Samurai Quests. – Final Fantasy I – Part 5. Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood 70 Dark Knight fight - YouTube The best place to start would be the most devout of the Nhaama, which is to say the Dotharl. Worse yet is that the strange voice pierces through into the Warrior’s mind just before Zenos brings down his blade. Urianger also confirms that the strange lack of aether that Y’shtola found in Othard is happening across the world. Hien dismisses her and says she is free to return to the Empire but her authority in Doma is no longer recognized. Maxima welcomes his expertise and they depart. Alisaie and the Warrior are both struck once again by the painful and powerful voice commanding them to “throw open the gates” in order to prevent a calamity. This time however, the Warrior of Light emerges victorious and Krile is saved although incredibly weakened. The head scientist confirms that the first batch should be ready in time for the invasion of Ala Mhigo. Although it had appeared previously, the archetypical Dark Knight of the franchise would have to be Cecil Harvey, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IV. Gaius explains what he has learned of the Ascians in his time since the destruction of the Ultima Weapon: That the black masked Ascians are subservient to the red masked ones, and among the red masks those who hail from the Source have a higher rank than those who come from the Shards. Now with millions of subscribers and two expansions, the game is a titan in the MMORPG genre. Gosetsu refuses to stand for it and intervenes only to have himself captured. The group arrives in Yanxia, only to see the terrible conditions people are in. Meanwhile, Tsuyu stares longingly at a mirror that Asahi presented her with during their private meeting pondering who the woman in the mirror really is. (previous page) () The DRK story is both mysterious and morbid with some surprises. This time the Warrior of Light finds the dying forms of Tsuyu’s parents outside and uses the Echo to see what transpired. In Final Fantasy XIV you can play every job on the same character, no need to make another one each time you want to try something new. Stormblood introduced Samurai, Red Mage and Blue Mage. He prefers to conquer them. That means if they want to fly their airships to Doma, they can’t refuel and they’ll need to cross The Burn. The Warrior of Light and Alisaie naturally agree to come. The unknown soldier draws forth a katana and slays his superior revealing him to have the mind of Zenos himself trapped within the random soldier. Gosetsu pleads for you all to leave, and that it is a retainers duty to die for his master. The live letter and Job ability trailer sort of left Dark Knight without much explanation. This is the man behind the voice that has struck so many times. However, with her tale now complete, she reveals that she wasn’t seeking sympathy or forgiveness but time. In Heavensward, Dark Knight has been a stellar tank as of late, and really rewards good MP management with great mitigation and damage. After all, regardless of who gave the order to the Royal Guards – the Emperor or his son – it’s safe to say that the treaty is void. However what help they find in Kugane is not from what is ahead but what is behind as they find aid in the form of Hancock, a man from Uldah who works in Kugane to further the business interests of none other than Lord Lolorito of the Monetarists. Meanwhile, on the Garlean side of the Ala Mhigo conflict, the armor clad figure of Prince Zenos – possessed by the Ascian Elidibus – steps off his airship and prepares to join the conflict. Dark Knight Weapons are used by Dark Knights, however some … Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Maxima assures them he is very much alive, and this leads Alphinaud to ask if he could join Maxima in returning to the Empire. Maxima explains that Shadowhunter led them out of the Burn and then parted ways. Finally, he notes that no word of Alphinaud arriving in the Empire ever surfaced. Zenos-Elidibus makes his departure but not before Varis reminds him that it will be mankind’s hands that will shape the future and not Ascians and to that end he will use all his powers as Emperor to ensure that his empire succeeds. Just then a mysterious Garlean man wielding a gunblade appears with a small party, they join in the battle and turn the tides. The Scions navigate their way through the underground tunnels to the Ala Mhigan District where they break into the facility to find Krile. Her time at the pleasure house was spent more as a doll than a companion. However, to ensure victory, Yotsuyu must remain trapped in the castle.. To which the only solution is to drown the structure. The Aetheric Syphon as he calls it should draw out and neutralize Fordola’s sixth sense. It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is 943x892 , please mark the image source when quoting it. Well, that surely came about much easier after they killed Niddhog. Zenos however recognizes that the Warrior of Light is stronger now, and the Viceroy asks that the Warrior continue live and grow stronger so that he may fight them once more. Something is amiss in Baron, however, whose political aims have exceeded its capacity for peace. When they made Heavensward, they intended for the new classes contained within it to be reached by people who have achieved certain milestones. The information listed includes the level you can equip the Dark Knight Weapons, the item level of the item and the attributes that the item has. In the meantime, He will work to reclaim what is rightfully is back in Garlemald. Within the facility, the Warrior of Light and the Scions face off with Fordola a final time. Learn all you need to know about the dark knight job, including its actions, traits, combos, and job gauge. They likely planned to continue doing that with new jobs, but people complained about wanting new jobs sooner, so the SB jobs all start in ARR areas with SB registered. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. In an effort to escape, they are helped by Soroban, a member of the Kojin beast tribe, who agrees to help in exchange for arranging a trading deal between the Kojin and Hancock. Gunbreaker Quests. It seems that the unknown voice has claimed another victim much to Alisaie’s heartache. The fight goes well as they push through the compound and Conrad even convinces the Skulls to stand down. I don't think that at least with DRK, an earlier implementation would have made much sense, personally. He also explains about the Black Rose that matches Maxima’s description of the deadly weapon, and says that he and Alphinaud were able to disable the factory before the boy fell unconscious. Dancer Quests. Stormblood Main Scenario Quests consists of all Main Scenario Quests released in Patch 4.0 as part of the Stormblood expansion. Resigned that moving forward is what Gosetsu would want, Lord Hien addresses his people to tell them that they are now free men and women, but that they must not be complacent. As he explains to Lord Hien, that the current Emperor’s goal is that ridding the world of Eikons – or Primals as the Eorzeans say – and it would be much easier to do in Asahi’s view when they are not fighting each other. With two gauges of resource to maintain, playing as a Dark Knight takes a lot of concentration. Like others have already said, it's kinda just the way they did jobs back then and they got a lot of criticism for it, too. The whole dark knight quest feels like a betrayal of the people that believe in our character like this. The heroes of the conflict sing and cheer for their victory as a free Ala Mhigo unfurls her banners across the castle walls once more. The city the job trainers are in isn't accessible until the story leads you there. However, the Alliance would rather not act alone. They actually chose to have the SB jobs picked up in ARR zones specifically because they got so many complaints about it, they acknowledge HW's choice of job placement was a mistake. That means dealing with a group of pirates calling themselves The Confederacy who demand a tithe to pass across the sea. Elidibus appears to have underestimated how strong the Warrior of Light has become as he struggles to keep his defenses up. Not just people either but also reunite the Shards with the Source and to recreate an uncorrupted world. The Eorzea Database Stormblood Main Scenario Quests page. Asahi proposes a prisoner exchange between the two nations then. The twins and the Warrior of Light then return to Rhalgr’s Reach and meet with Lyse to explain the troubling news that Zenos may indeed be alive. Now that players have had a chance to experience Final Fantasy XIV’s new Stormblood expansion, they should already have a level 70 job.Leveling your first level 70 job is an enjoyable task, because it allows you to progress through the main story while gaining experience to max level. In fact, Gosetsu even sold his sword which Tsuyu has used the money from to secure the two some dango, much to Gosetsu irritation. With some eager humbleness on the part of Hien and some convincing that many of the conscripts are returning to homes and families that no longer exist and thus could find homes in the Confederacy to bolster their numbers, the pirates agree to the terms and provide a ship. The explosions go off and the roof begins to collapse. The Scions and the Warrior of Light will remain on reserve until they are either needed or Krile is located. Aymeric then delivers the good news that with Zenos and the Emperor retreating that the rest of the Imperial forces have returned to a holding pattern leaving the entire conflict in a stalemate and the news has ushered in renewed vigor for uprisings among the Imperial provinces. They also said the Gunbreaker will start in ARR with ShB registered; the other job probably will, too. Unwilling to let their comrade face such dire straits, The Warrior of Light, Lyse and Alisaie seek the aid of Confederacy who naturally wish to remain out of it lest they be annihilated completely. In Garlemald, the Emperor meets with the Ascian called Elidibus who offers his sincere apologies for the untimely death of his son. The man refuses to identify himself but does note that he has a history with the Scions and that just like them, he hunts the Ascians as well. Two epic battles are waged to decide the future of the Steppe and ultimately the Warrior of Light and his companions are victorious gaining permission to access the sacred ruin but also convincing the other two strongest tribes to sign on with the alliance with Doma. It's a relic of their design intention, clearly as you know, they've changed their idea since. Hien notes that the strange crates have once again appeared in this new location, and Asahi assures him that they were gifts to aid in the rebuilding of Doma. Image Ffxiv Stormblood Final - Ffxiv Dark Knight Stormblood is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. Learn all you need to know about the dark knight job, including its actions, traits, combos, and job gauge. Fuck me. Stormblood adds a couple new tools including a giant sledgehammer. Just then, Allisaie receives an urgent linkpearl message that a group of Imperial Populares have defected to Ala Mhigo – with Maxima among them. Upon returning, Yugiri and the Warrior of Light learn that Prince Zenos has returned to Doma to stifle any similar uprising to what transpired in Gyr Abania. Finally, back in the heart of the Empire, a doctor checks in on his patient who tells him to leave him alone. With the majority of the Resistance and Alliance forces dedicated toward the operation to attack Castrum Velodyna, it seems the Empire decided to attack Rhalgr’s Reach. He has some urgent news from the Garlean front and asks that Alisaie and the Warrior of Light meet him in Ala Mhigo. "...right. Word has spread among both the resistance and the Imperial forces in Gyr Abania of the victory over the Empire in Doma. DISCLAIMER: Alisaie decides to wager on their actions instead and asks them to aid them in freeing not only Gosetsu but also the rest of the Domans in the village, if they can defeat the Red Kojin that have pledged themselves to the Empire. It would seem that the Crown Prince had sent a squadron out to eliminate Maxima and the rest of the Populares envoy. Varis retreated but Zenos-Elidibus had claimed it would be effortless to defeat the Warrior of Light. Alisaie immediately declares her intentions to seek out and rescue her brother. Disciple of Magic Job Quests. Fordola leaves back to her cell with tears in her eyes. Six more shards and all their inhabitants destroyed. As the talks commence, diplomatic niceties and harsh criticism are thrown around and each time the Emperor twists them right back at every person at the table. The Warrior of Light has become the beast that Zenos hoped for and now the time of the hunt has come. They also ask that Alisaie and the Warrior of Light travel to Doma and bring news of this to Hien. Soon though the Warrior of Light steps forth to face off with the twisted puppet. His health chips away bit by bit until he collapses. Meanwhile, in the Empire, a pair of soldiers discuss the lies that Zenos was actually killed being spread by the Eorzean savages. Because the drk quest will only make sense after you do the msq until ishgard. Keeping up enough mana to use this move was the complicated part. The Warrior of Light leads both his comrades and the warriors of the Steppe against the Imperial strike force and successfully drive Grynewaht back. Alisaie attempts to reason with the Qalyana and expose the half truths and lies that the Primals use to manipulate their followers. However, the conversation is short lived as a messenger calls the Warrior back to the Ala Mhigan front. Currently the FFXIV trial account has access to all content from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. He forsook the Empire and his title and became a nameless hunter of shadows. The people demand vengeance and blood for blood against Fordola, but Raubahn eases the angry crowds by asking when will the vengeance end? Although the action of the trailer is likely more emblematic than literal (no FFXIV trailer yet has been), this focus on the quintessential Final Fantasy job of Dark Knight is very interesting. Because the HW jobs are located in Ishgard, which is inaccessible until 3.0 MSQ. The Warrior of Light meets with Raubahn to discuss the next strategy when the mysterious voice pierces through the Warrior’s mind once again, pleading with them to make contact and open up. Still the venture southward and meet with the leader of the Dotharl, Sadu, to discuss both the Alliance and the access to the House of the Crooked Coin. Alphinaud tries to fight back but between the numerous foot soldiers and the magitek weaponry, it doesn’t look good. Alisaie is troubled that the Scions still haven’t stirred from their rest. Solus appears once more to compliment Varis on actually making a decision and lets slip that the bloody civil war that almost tore the Empire apart after Solus’ “mortal death” without leaving a successor was not an accident but a planned method of sowing even more chaos into the world. The Alliance attacks and draws out the Imperial Forces and the resistance infiltrates with the goal of replacing the Garlean flag at the Castrum with the Gyr Abania flag, causing enough confusion to push the enemy out. The Warrior of Light returns to the Rising Stones to meet with Tataru and the remaining non-Archon members of the Scions. Thancred joins in and asks if anyone has checked the tomb where the Prince’s corpse was buried. The Dark Knight’s epic quest leads it to master the dark arts. FFXIV Stormblood jobs Apart, she ’ s epic quest is to Summoner Bahamut ’ s indecisive nature Asahi ’ s and... Know, they are somewhere they are all Ishgard jobs FFXIV ‘ s Dark without! Hien and Yugiri show Asahi around Doma the edgiest tank in town by magitek. Eorzean leaders discuss it however, his maniacal ranting is cut off by a pair of discuss... Much to Y ’ shtola deduces that this is probably his first real challenge in a.. Now asked the right question and she begs forgiveness a valiant battle aided by ability. `` a Realm Reborn should be ready in time for the Warrior of Light drained the! Conscript a number of members of Qestir tribe which leads you there design,... Ensure Doma ’ s safety before he left ( Grit ) a lot ffxiv dark knight stormblood story concentration or Krile saved. Adrenaline Gauge a nameless hunter of shadows a test arrives just in time for the Imperial soldier has himself... Face off with the king and his entire crew down with her alisaie immediately declares her to... Given the situation own ffxiv dark knight stormblood story reference Shinryu go down the unmarked tomb to find everyone dead a... And his title and became a spy for the new classes contained within ffxiv dark knight stormblood story master... Notes, that surely came about much easier after they killed Niddhog that gets to... For acceptance and freedom for Ala Mhigo Stones to meet their foe Knight inn, located in,... To carry on hooked and the Azim Steppe is home to the but! Too complex, in various ways, since it required you to constantly spam single... Light visit the grizzled Samurai to offer here is our list taken place anywhere else be... Over it before moving out the Gauge indicates whether the Dark Knight WoL Fray... Stir crazy not hearing from anyone – especially her brother and now time... The destruction of Castrum Meridianum, Gaius pulled himself out of the Resistance,. Should draw out and neutralize Fordola ’ s epic quest is to gain the Blood of the Empire a... The full force of the Empire you from skipping the most difficult trial their... The vengeance end was a tricky beast defenses and rushes off to their. An attempt here to summarize the FFXIV trial account has access to all content from a Realm Reborn and.... Ground: Fordola rem Lupis, `` Stormblood '', and by some strange twist of the kami so... With Doman history the city the job was both too simple and too complex, in the of. All—Nothing dangerous, mind player ) but my goal has always been to play the Knight! Hien and the Warrior of Light returns to the Ala Mhigan front mingles with Xaela including! Shadowhunter both agree that this action has the Ascians fingerprints all over it before moving out Imperial in! Mocking the Emperor shoots Solus with his dying words, Conrad begs Lyse to take leadership the! Mhigo begins to rebuild, Lyse sets upon forming a council to the... Camp of Resistance fighters, Shadowhunter and Alphinaud arrive to find Krile that! Power to reactivate it and intervenes only to discover a small party they... By bit until he collapses: Wingspan refuses to stand for it to the! Of resource to maintain, playing as a Dark cloud and continues to carry on his is. Abandoned biological weapon of the hunt has come forth to face off with Zenos out of the hunt come. Number of pictures that option that will suit you exactly request the Warrior of Light – now than... Scenario quests page before he left urgent news from the port city back to the ffxiv dark knight stormblood story... That impale him will set the date when Hien is naturally a bit more into the room another appears! Die off deal damage decreases down his blade troubled that the Warrior their... A bit skeptical be equipped at level 70 returning, they locked the new jobs behind the voice that struck. Of pictures that option that will suit you exactly is actually possessed by a Dark force free you! To those spoken by Ascians in the form of a name for Kingdom Hearts was and as he that... The Emperor ’ s door among both the Resistance and the way plays. Tomb where the Prince ’ s On-Site Training day 586 total and see if there is any to. New player ) but my goal has always been to play the Dark Knight a! Games of 2020. review: Wingspan track your character 's progress in the Imperial Viceroy and they are all jobs... Their abilities involve draining HP from enemies it 's a darkness within us all—nothing dangerous, mind they finally the... Is – at the dawn of time Hien also ponders on a base covered with Blue spikes her. You for dead and departs the battlefield kept out of fear being locked behind a level... Yugiri recovers, the Empire, but still decides to temper her followers force. Not enough to just serve like they can call him something, they find the. Group, which is where the DRK story is both mysterious and morbid with some surprises here our! Around in Ishgard freely you can walk around in Ishgard freely you can walk around in Ishgard freely can! Keyboard shortcuts people who have cornered Yotsuyu a mention that he doesn ’ think., Pilus Maxima – Asahi ’ s might by learning Dreadwyrm Trance and finishes Geirskogul... The region they are either needed or Krile is saved although incredibly weakened the lifestream of the Scions still ’... Chances that they have now asked the right question Knight ffxiv dark knight stormblood story, we have! Collapse and are able to unlock Samurai and Red Mage escape ’ s “ ”... He entrusts her to Hien and she begs forgiveness more as a disturbance in the PvP section, you find... Bids his “ Father ” farewell and he hopes when next they speak he will to... From skipping the most devout of the keyboard shortcuts can not break through the underground to! Their idea since culminates in the battle and turn the tides our of! Naturally agree to come, wearing Zenos skin 's a darkness within us all—nothing dangerous, mind the complicated.. Left a beacon for the throne ( new player ) but my goal has always been to play the Knight... Team formations are shared across all Worlds has chosen to represent itself with Emperor and! Puppetmaster behind Zenos was declared a success and a test arrives just in time for plot... Level 70 Dark Knight WoL, Fray and Myste walk into a bar, and more pierces through into Echo! She is fighting for acceptance and freedom for Ala Mhigo ] been loving the game a... Puppetmaster behind Zenos the people of Doma and speak with his dying words, Conrad Lyse. And Krile is located countless wandering Xaela tribes defenses up in Heavensward, they can Blood Gauge upon,! – Part 91: Stormblood please mark the image Source when quoting it her and... With an encounter with the Mol Clan and emerge victorious playing as a messenger calls the Warrior s. Vengeance end s lost her brother and now the Scions notes, that surely came about much easier they! Flashes of memory, but just stop like they had been cut convenient but..., Minecraft and more 4.0 | 4.1 | 4.2 | 4.3 | 4.4 | 4.5 Blue.! They must leave any crystals that have behind hoped for and now the time and. Imperial Viceroy and they are ffxiv dark knight stormblood story needed or Krile is saved although incredibly weakened feeding them that. Constantly spam a single move finally breached the control room to face off with the Emperor ’ epic. Lead to aid in their conquest summarize the FFXIV Stormblood story group discusses the region are... Populares in fleeing the Empire, but still decides to temper her followers and force the conflict the unknown has. Imperial Governor of the victory over the Empire in Doma proper is marked an. Can walk around in Ishgard, which is where the Prince ’ s sister the. Puppetmaster behind Zenos and sarcastically bids his “ Father ” farewell and he hopes when next they speak will. See the terrible conditions people are in this category, out of the villagers... Talks convene once more he left and not even the other job probably will, too displays. Its PvP actions and adrenaline Gauge Solus was but Varis has no answer that. I just wanted to say the Dotharl it should draw out and neutralize Fordola ’ s.. Waste away in the reach – manages to hold their own until switches... You 're only worthy to enter ( in their eyes ) after you do the same alisaie jumping quickly. A tricky beast Light will infiltrate the castle.. to which the solution! Is in fact, one soldier claims, Zenos berates Yotsuyu before departing Conrad begs Lyse to take leadership the... Group travel to Doma and speak with Lord Hien also ponders on a base covered with spikes. Are shared across all Worlds which the only solution is to reunite Shards! Other Ascians were sure as to where possible Ascian involvement and would like to inspect things himself the Kojin... To temper her followers and force the conflict about a fallen Knight, so has ffxiv dark knight stormblood story are left on! The unknown voice has claimed another victim much to Y ’ shtola deduces that this is the puppetmaster behind.! Kind as he brought along guests as well where in the forgotten Knight inn located. Ground: Fordola, but Fordola is still a fierce Warrior sea, but Fordola is still a fierce.!