32,211. All 2 songs featured in The Goldbergs season 6 episode 16: There Can Be Only…, with scene descriptions. Commonly misquoted reference to the Highlander movies and TV series. It was the third single released from their album Before the Rain.Topping the UK Singles Chart, the release became the group's third collaboration with BeBe Winans, who produced 1994's "Crazy" (from Always & Forever) and 1995's "It Will Never End" (from Power of a Woman). Close. Crow: "There can be only one . 2015 Preview SONG TIME Mr & Mrs Mischief. Films Highlander (1986). 2:55 PREVIEW Fallen Saints. . 2. One single song that encapsulates a decade. 95% Upvoted. "There can be only one" is also part of the lyrics in Queen song " A Kind of Magic " which is the closing theme music during Highlander's closing credits. But, like Highlander, there can be only one. It’s easy to come up with a list of at least 100 songs off the top of your head that might be strong contenders for this answer. Listen to your favorite songs from There Can Be Only One by Wild Mountain Thyme Now. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3. 5.0 out of 5 stars There can be only one - this one!! #7030 If you would like to use this in a video yourself you can as long as you credit me. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. The eventual soundtrack includes sever… Samuel Adams OctoberFest TV Spot, 'There Can Be Only One' Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. ... Leider ist der Queen-Song "New York, New York" nur auf das wesentliche reduziert (39 Sekunden). The Cable Guy (1996) The Cable Guy breaking the glass and screaming when making a slam dunk in the basketball game and the cars' headlights flashing due to all their alarms being triggered in the parking lot. Its lyrics are a reference to an infamous quote, "There can be only one," from the movie Highlander, bringing up its commonly misquoted version, "There can only be one." 1. The actual line is "There can BE ONLY one." Sort by. Additionally, the song played in the background resembles "Princes of the Universe" by Queen, a song … The original film Highlander, directed by Russell Mulcahy, was released on March 7, 1986, with the tagline "There Can Be Only One. View discussions in 4 other communities. best. There Can Be Only One is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. 1 1. To most of us they are exactly the same, but a pedant might argue that in 'there can only be one', as 'only' theoretically modifies 'be', not 'one' - it means that the only possibility is one (no more, but also no less, i.e. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. [Repeats several times]. Listen to There Can Be Only One - Cass McCombs for free on Undrtone. or two!" There Can Be Only One is the first single announced by Cass McCombs in anticipation for his forthcoming album double-disc album, Big Wheel and Others. ^_^ Thanks. Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (2007) In the animated film, in Rome, during the year 476 Marcus Octavius said "There can be only one" when he tried to behead Colin MacLeod. 99 Bottles of Age-Appropriate Beverage On The Wall, https://theamazingworldofgumball.fandom.com/wiki/There_Can_Only_Be_One?oldid=569421, Its lyrics are a reference to an infamous quote, "There can be only one," from the movie, The vocals in the song sound like the voices of the vocalists of the English rock band. With Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart. Follow @genius "I Wanna Be the Only One" is a song by British R&B girl group Eternal and American R&B and gospel singer BeBe Winans. Season: . There can be only oneBroken down for day at a free motelUnder the Oregon ridgeBroken hearts, a lifetime in this hellI hope it's water under the bridgeWith love it's either all or noneWho owns my heart? The band's Scottish lead singer, Fish, had also accepted a part in the film but pulled out because of the scheduling conflict. The common misquoted version of the film's famous quote "There can be only one" (commonly misquoted as "There can only be one") is uttered by Tobias. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? //