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2020 Time Capsule: A Retro DIY Kit To Stay Mindful During Quarantine

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Product Description

2020 has looked nothing like we expected. Worldwide lockdowns have left families confined at home dealing with all kinds of “new normals”. All in all, things have been looking pretty drab for millions around the world. Let’s disconnect from it all for a few minutes and add color to this difficult season of our lives with a unique time capsule kit. This instant download includes:

  • A letter-sized, coloreable PDF that’s ready to print
  • 24 thoughtfully designed templates
  • Pages to record quarantine movies, music, events, and routines
  • Space to capture your hopes for the future
  • Inspiring quotes to include in your time capsule or hang at home

A few years from now we’ll remember this time at home as one of the most challenging, character-shaping seasons of our life. Emotions are running high and it can be tempting to turn these days into unbearably anxious countdowns. Stop the clock, come together with those you love, and reflect on the here and now. The bizarre, the everyday, and the things that have kept us going. When this is all over, and it will be, you’ll have a treasure trove of memories to go back to. The kinds of memories that remind us of the blessing that is this life. This planet. This freedom.