1 "Little House - The Pilot" Movie (1974) 2 Season 1 (1974–75) 3 Season 2 (1975–76) 4 Season 3 (1976–77) 5 Season 4 (1977–78) 6 Season 5 (1978–79) 7 Season 6 (1979–80) 8 Season 7 (1980–81) 9 Season 8 (1981–82) 10 Season 9 (1982–83) 11 Season 10 Movie specials (1983-84) Almonzo: Dean Butler. Laura seeks aid from a blind recluse after wounding her father on a hunting trip. Conclusion. A school play figures into a plan to coax a widow back into society. Charles: Michael Landon. ” And even more, interestingly, he portrayed the father of actor Stan Ivar, who played John Carter in Season 9 of “Little House on the Prairie.” More Trivia! Harold Mayfield: Warren Vanders. Season 3 Season 2 The Carters buy the little house and Mr. Carter runs the blacksmith shop and Mrs. Carter starts a newspaper. Oleson: Richard Bull. Directed by Victor French. December 20, 1976. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. Andre. Watch all 22 Little House on the Prairie episodes from season 8,view pictures, get episode information and more. Mrs. Henry: Maidie Norman. Carl: Brian Part. Bubba: Michael Le Clair. A 17-year-old budding criminal named Tod Dortmunder is sent to Walnut Grove to live with his grandparents after his mother loses patience with his ill-tempered behavior. Conclusion. Reverend Phillips: Larry Golden. Charles: Michael Landon. Charles: Michael Landon. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. When Charles catches up with him and has to pay to get his watch back, Tod's given a choice: work for Charles or go to jail. Simpson: Rance Howard. Alden: Dabbs Greer. Thaddeus Moon: Milton Parson. ', We finally know when the Marvel series premieres, Roberts, a former Bond Girl, starred on Charlie's Angels and That '70s Show. Alicia: Kyle Richards. Sam: Geoffrey Lewis. The Ingalls family … He takes to wagon and rides to sleepy eye to play poker. Season 3 aired from September 27th, 1976 through April 4th, 1977 and led viewers... Read More » Jackson Henry: David Downing. Griffin: Larry Pennell. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Dr. Baker: Kevin Hagen. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. A half-Indian boy faces bigotry when he and his widowed mother move to his grandfather's farm. He chooses jail but then relents to go to work for college.We've seen a few like this before. Edwards: Victor French. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Little House on the Prairie Season show reviews & Metacritic score: A heavy rain has been falling in Walnut Grove for two months, and it shows no signs of stopping. Use the HTML below. Look back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities. Oleson: Richard Bull. Due to economic problems, the Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys leave Walnut Grove and settle in Winoka for a time. Laura prepares her horse for the annual race, while Nellie pouts for a Thoroughbred. February 5, 1979. In Season 9 of “Little House on the Prairie”, change is in the air! Part 1 of two. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Michael Landon. A 17-year-old budding criminal named Tod Dortmunder is sent to Walnut Grove to live with his grandparents after his mother loses patience with his ill-tempered behavior. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Tod shoves his grandfather for waking him up too early, then punches him when his grandfather finds Tod with Charles' watch. Michael Landon. His abusive father was killed suddenly in a fight down on the docks and Tod was relieved to finally have his hateful father out of his life. In its final season, it was titled `Little House: A New Beginning.'. Hanson: Karl Swenson. The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Nine of “Little House on the Prairie.”The original episodes aired from September 27, 1982, to March 21, 1983. Charles proves to be the role model Tod never had, and efforts to rehabilitate the lad seem to be working. Dr. Baker: Kevin Hagen. Mason: Robert Gibbons. Carl: Brian Part. It relates the family's experiences dealing with natural disasters and health probl, Heartwarming saga of a frontier family's struggles and triumphs on a farm near Walnut Grove, Minn., in the 1870s. They'd raise $3.00 in no time.